Selected Works



Circling 2017 various media

1433 Words  text, two pages


some moderately loud multiphonics near other moderately loud multiphonics for two or more performers

Drone Pieces for unmanned aerial vehicles and portable electronics

Katzenklavier domestic installation for any number of kittens and toy pianos

Driving Around for a car, driver, and any number of passengers

Occupied Spaces for any number of transducers and/or microphones, natural cavities, and portable loudspeakers

Boards and Ukes for people skateboarding and playing ukulele 

Medaka – for solo dancer, aquaphone(s), and electronics commissioned by Lazaro Godoy


Trandate for any three chordal instruments – commissioned by Compositum Musicae Novae

Harmonium Accordion with Robert Blatt – for four dancers and 4-channel fixed media commissioned by Godoy Pradera Projects 


one drink. rather strong. very quickly for two performers

queue³ for toy piano, harmonica, and optical answer sheets commissioned by Inlets Ensemble 

title (tba) – for electric guitar and percussion commissioned by The Living Earth Show 

(e)F – version a- for solo cello (dedicated to Marcus Kaiser) 

(e)F -version b- for cello and electronics commissioned by Juraj Kojs and Jason Calloway 

(e)F -version c- for five string double bass (dedicated to André O. Möller and Hans-Eberhard Maldfeld)


two pieces – for toy piano and live ring modulation (dedicated to Eric Gottlieb) 

Composition for Indeterminate Solo Wind Instrument


Reflections on Schoenberg’s “Fünf Orchesterstück Op. 16, III – for guitar and 2 dancers 


{un}Ordered Concatenations – for solo guitar


duo – for viola and cello 


dialogues – for flute and clarinet 


imprention – for flute and guitar 


Four Miniatures – for solo guitar