Performance of -(e)F -version b- for cello and electronics at Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, NY!

May 5, 2015 § Leave a comment


New works for cello and technologies
Jason Calloway, cello and Juraj Kojs, electronics paired in 2014 to build a program of works that engage music and technologies in game-inspired multimedia interactions. Tonight will feature Kevin Davis, cello.

In the past 50 years, gaming has become a multicultural phenomenon transforming the ways we play, work, and explore.  We learn, exercise, and entertain (exertain) ourselves and others via games.  The analog and digital platforms with their tools and controllers have been continuously expanded to facilitate access to novel stimulations and content.  New rules, challenges, and awards have tantalized growing generations of players, engaging them in competitive interactions.  Whether in the physical world or digital domain, gamers develop skills and strategies to master a labyrinth of difficulty and communication levels.  Completing the puzzle, addictions, violence, and escapist desires for a better existence have shadowed the gaming rapture.  The arts in their multitude of expressions have been at the axis of game design and practice.

Through the call for works, eight composers were selected and commissioned to compose pieces for cello and analog or digital technologies. The works offer a commentary on our game-involved culture, addressing its playfulness, drama, competitive nature and drive for success. The program includes works by Paul Turowski Adrian Democ, Ethan Greene, Lanier Sammons, Chuck Mason, Paul Turowski, Jorge Gomez and Patrick O’Malley. Jason Calloway and Juraj Kojs premiered the project on Sept 6, 2014 in Miami, FL.


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